President George W. Bush signed a landmark
anti-Spam bill into law today (Tuesday,
December 16) setting into motion the first
national standards for sending bulk unsolicited
commercial e-mail (UCE).

So, what does that mean for you, the legitimate
email marketer?

In my opinion... Good things!

This law will pre-empt some of the harsher
Anti-Spam laws like California's law which had
sparked a lot of fear over the multiple and
massive law suits that could have occurred.
And, this will also set more distance between
"us," the legitimate marketers and "them," the
Spammer's. Many of the things that will be
required, we already DO!

After that said, here is a "brief" top 10 re-cap
of the new law..

1) Prohibits using or falsifying email header

2) Prohibits the use of open relay to "deceive
or mislead recipients" about the origin of a
commercial email.

3) Prohibits "harvesting," "dictionary attacks"
and "spoofing."

4) Prohibits commercial email without an
unsubscribe process.

5) Prohibits automated methods to sign up for
free Web-based email accounts. (Like Yahoo or

6) Prohibits registering for "5 or more" email
accounts or "2 or more domain names" with false
information and using them to send commercial
e-mail messages.

---the above punishable by 1-3 years in prison
for first offense--------

7) Prohibits sending "sexually oriented
material" unless it includes a label to be
created by the FTC. And, you don't have to do
that if it is opt in. (Violations punishable by
up to five years in prison and a $250,000

8) The FTC to produce a report on possible
mandated subject line labeling, such as ADV
(required in CA) for advertising. As currently
drafted, the Can Spam Act requires UCE to carry
such information identifying it as an
advertisement or solicitation but does not
mandate any specific language.

10) Organizations that send commercial email
must include a valid U.S. postal address or P.O

Here are links to the first two News articles to
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I am sure we will hear more about the Do's and
Don'ts pertaining to this law in the upcoming

Like always, I will keep you posted!
Happy Holidays!



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