Cost of sending email
going up?

Well, when I said last week the writing was on the wall, I had no idea that Microsoft was actually working on a product called "Penny Black Stamp Project" that is going to charge senders of email $$ in the way of computing time.

Their plan would have computers perform a computation to produce a binary "stamp" -- a short series of ones and zeros -- prior to sending an e-mail.

In that way, the sending computer would essentially "pay" for every e-mail it transmits with a small amount of extra computing time.
For example, if the computation required to produce one of the binary stamps took 10 seconds to complete, a machine that under ordinary circumstances could send millions of messages a day would, with the extra computation time, be able to produce only about 8,000 messages.

For most users sending anywhere from a few to several dozen e-mails daily, that doesn't amount to much computation time. Those who send a lot of messages, however, will have to buy racks of computers.

I know most of us probably don't even send mail ourselves, we have services such as or (yes I like them ;) but you know what I mean. We have autoresponder services sending our email.

This strategy will dramatically increase the cost of those services (who do send massive amounts a day) thus will increase the cost for our individual service.

And if that wasn't enough to make your stomach turn, here is one more idea that is reported to be launching this year!, IronPort and Vanquish are all creating systems that will have senders paying postage to get through to participating ISPs!
Can you believe that?

What will happen here is postage "stamps" are encrypted numbers that filters would automatically pick up and allow through.
Non-stamped mail would not have the same privileges and have to be subjected to the ISPs filters.

So, what they are saying, if you pay, you will get through. Fair enough, but who is winning here?

The services and the ISPs!

The consumer is still going to get mail they don't want. The difference is the sender will have paid for it, lining the pockets of those in *control*, those same services and ISPs!

(Now don't email me back saying the consumer will get part of the money being paid. That is something I would like to see if it goes that way ((I will take email all day long)) but don't count on it, and if it happens, I will eat crow ;)

Yes, the writing is definitely on the wall folks.
Pay-per-send is on it's way!

As Always...

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